Qaliwana Hydropower (PIN/PDD)

The project is a run-off-river hydropower plant that includes construction of a dam for increasing the power generation.

Project Idea Note (PIN)

Project Design Document (PDD)

    The objective of the proposed project is to replace the current GHG intensive energy generation in the grid with hydropower. The project will build a 62-meter high dam on the Qaliwana River. The resulting scheme will have a design flow of 15 m3/s and a design turbine rating of 18.6MW, at a net head of 137.8 m.

    Project facts

    Country:  Fiji

    Project Type:  Renewable Energy – Hydro Power

    Project size:  Large

    CERs/Year:  138,023 tCO2 in the period 2015-2022

    Contact:  Hansmukh Patel, Tel: +679 331333/3313064

    Status:  Feasibility Study finished

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