Methane Capture and Flaring at Naboro Landfill (PIN)

The project will build a new managed landfill to replace old waste dumps.

Project Idea Note (PIN)

    The proposed CDM project activity involves capture and flaring of methane from the Naboro Landfill. The landfill is expected to receive an average 50,000 tonnes of waste annually over the next 10 years. Approximately 375,000 tonnes of waste are already in the landfill.

    Project facts

    Country:  Fiji

    Project Type:  Waste Management – Landfill Gas recovery/utilization

    Project size:  Small scale

    CERs/Year:  15,486 tCO2e/year (108,403 tCO2e during the crediting period 2016-2022)

    Contact:  Jope Daventanivalu, jdavetanivalu(at)environment(dot)gov(dot)fj

    Status:  Under preparation

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