Fiji Tourism Energy Efficiency Investment (PIN/PDD)

The project replaces inefficient technologies, such as lighting, chillers and air conditioning with energy efficient technologies and measures in buildings in Fiji’s hotel sector.

Project Idea Note (PIN)

Project Design Document (PDD)

    The project will implement energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits in hotels (including resorts), as an upscale to energy efficiency promotion activities currently implemented by WWF. At present at least 24 hotels are expected to participate in this project.

    Project facts

    Country:  Fiji

    Project Type:  Energy Efficiency

    Project size:  Small

    CERs/Year:  48,473 tCO2e in the period 2013-2022

    Contact:  Monica Patel, mpatel(at)wwf(dot)panda(dot)org, mpatel(at)wwfpacific(dot)org(dot)fj

    Status:  Feasibility Study finished

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